1. What did you actually learned from the unit. I learned alot of insight from fellow nurses on hiring and leadership skills. I learned that getting the whole story before you make a decision can be extremely important. I also learned that you probably should refrain yourself from jumping to conclusions.  2. Discuss your feelings/experiences from […]


I decided to interview my father, he has been a firefighter for 27 years and is now a battalion chief for a local city. He regularly recruites and hires new graduates as well as more seasoned firefighters.  I learned alot about the interviewing process. Even though this didn’t take place particularly in healthcare, I learned […]

Reflective Journal: Characteristics of Leaders

1.       Leadership requires personal mastery – Nurses demonstrate leadership when they show competence and mastery in the tasks they perform. Nurses are deemed competent by means of a license to practice nursing (NLN 2010). 2.       Leadership is about values – Nurses are patient advocates. Nurses look not at financial gains, personal gain, etc. but rather what is going […]