Week 9 Journal

1. What did you actually learned from the unit.

I learned a little bit more about staffing. I learned that I need to not procrastinate as much. I feel a bit guilty because I was late to getting to our staffing assignment. By the time I got to it, I found that my team had done most of the work. I should have been more on top of it so I could have involved myself more. 

2. Discuss your feelings/experiences from the team activities? Did it change your opinion on the subject? If so, how? If not, why?

I learned more about staffing, I did not realize the amount of work and issues that went into it. I still do not like doing group activities online, I really like talking to people face to face and picking up their body language also. 

3. How you will utilize the information learned in your nursing practice.

I am going to appreciate our staffing much more. If I am not able to get days off that I wanted or when I hear complaints from coworkers I will remind myself that a lot of issues and stress goes into staffing. 

4. You personal feelings about the material covered.

I think that this material was helpful. I also think that it allows employees to understand the amount of work and thought that goes into staffing. This creates more respect for the schedule. 

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